Suppose your selling items are removed from Amazon for any particular reason, like order issues, UPC or ASIN match issues, customer service complaints, and policy violations, they are eligible for the reinstatement by a single appeal. Let us see how.

How to appealing Seller Suspension?

Know why your account was suspended

Check for any notices in the Amazon Seller account under Performance and Performance Notifications.  They must have sent you some notice details through email. This can help you to know if your Amazon suspension was because of the performance issues or potential violation to Amazon Selling Policies & Agreements.

When you are suspended, you will lose money so you need to get your Amazon account back and running fast. Amazon updates their procedures and policies quite often. Recently, they have changed suspension Amazon appeal process. And, it appears like it is the good news for all the sellers out there!

Check Your Selling Practices on Amazon

At Amazon Seller Central, you can review the customer metrics or identify ones that don’t meet Amazon performance targets. Check your selling practices & review the inventory that is in violation.  Even though you’ve filtered all the violations reported earlier doesn’t mean that Amazon has identified your potential violations immediately.  Amazon will not give you policies jus to follow and expect they will be ignored whenever any violation is reported and you resolve them.

Seller Performance Targets On Amazon

Amazon sellers must be working toward maintaining and achieving the customer service level that meets their seller performance targets.

Generally, Amazon selling accounts will get suspended and blocked for:

  • Violations of any Amazon Selling Policies of the product segment:
  • Your Amazon metrics don’t meet their customer targets.

Submission of your amazon appeal, even when following these practices, doesn’t guarantee you re-instatement.  They’re oddly secretive on how it’s evaluated or reviewed but providing you do some research, you can further improve your chances just by showing you‘ve thought about the issue & your approach.

amazon appealSend Appeal to Amazon

With your Plan of Action, send across to the Amazon Seller Performance and request for the reinstatement.  You can use “Appeal” button in your Performance and email it to the seller performance team


They do not want to listen to the reasons for any bad batches of products from the unreliable suppliers and missed targets because of drop shipper making you down.  You need to write an Amazon appeal or POA to get the account back and will not be sufficient to make any empty promises.