CISCO exam is well known worldwide. It is one of the best certification ever that changes the career of the person. This is not an ordinary exam to take. It requires in depth knowledge and wide range of practice. It takes serious efforts to crack the exam to attain the certification. There are different levels in CISCO certification. Aspirants that try for CISCO certification would consider it as their ambition as they realize the worth of this certification.  As far as networking is considered, CISCO certification is incredible and incomparable.


CCIE is one of the certifications of CISCO. CCIE means Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. There are different versions in this certification. CISCO has released an update to this certification which is CCIE security v5.   This is both written and lab exams and is effective from 31st January 2017. There are many changes to note in the new version comparing to the older version. With the updates in the CCIE security exam, CISCO has brought change in the networking industries and security. The changes brought in the new version are given here. It is well known that CISCO usually acquires and recently have take hold of the security companies such as Lancope (NBA/Net Flow), Source Fire (Fire Power product), Open DNS (cloud-delivered security).


In this case of updates the newly acquired and already built products are brought in. The overall exams are consolidated than previous ones. Access control, information exchange and identity management are the major content contributor in the recent version exam.  The second largest contribution for the content is security infrastructure products for intrusion prevention and premier security.  In this version of exam the VPN content is arranged in to the segmentation area and secure connectivity.


The virtualization, automation and infrastructure security are included in the virtualized security domain and the CISCO ACI. No changes could be seen in evolving technologies. Cloud and Internet of Things and SDN are included without any change. CISCO brings transparency in each section with complete details and exam content. It would be helpful only by taking severe preparations, mock tests and studying using study guides.