As humans we are separated and distinguished in many ways like financial position, gender, community, country and so on…but what truly binds is our hope. The hope to survive for a better world for our future generations. Science and Technology has had several innovations in recent past which has erased some these geographical and psychological barriers, one such invention is Internet Radio. Sitting in the yard of one country we can live stream or listen and see the live or recorded broadcasts of many occasions like music concerts, sports, beauty pageants and literally what not?

The beauty of Internet Radio is that it is Web-based. Just tune in or click to the right link or band width and open the world of new entertainment, not just world music, but podcasts on technology or education just by tuning in your choice of course.

Free Internet Radio

How is it different from Traditional Radio? Radio of yester years though was good enough, the Internet Radio has completely digitalized the whole scenario. Due to digitalization the meter complexities, intricate melodic orchestration, the rhythmic beats can all be purely heard without elaborate devices oramplifiers.

How is it possible?All this is possible because the Internet Radio uses a device called Audio Codec which is capable of coding and decoding digital audio data according to audio format like MP3, Real Audio Windows Media Audio and many others. This Audio data is streamed continuously over the internet in the form of data packets reassembled by the receiver and played with just lag in seconds.

Uses of Internet Radio:

*As spoken earlier there is no geographical barrier, end users of one country can just click the link on internet to tune in their devices to receive the content.

*These Internet Radios can be smaller and circulated among a local community for better reach. Then it can be used for weather, traffic updates in that area.

*It can be used for Business as images, links of the respective products can also be provided where in the interested user can just click in and order one.