I would like to share my recent achievement of getting a gold medal at the age of 36 in weight lifting competition, from childhood my dream is to become a sportsman & represent my country in the world level competition. I had started my preparation from the age four; initially I was into lot of sports activity, like I use to participate in basketball, rugby, baseball and so on.

As I was very energetic & enthusiastic my physical trainer suggested me to concentrate on athletic activity as well, I struggled in picking or selecting an athletic event which will fit my skill set. It took some time for me to figure out what is the best event I a good at, then I requested my physical education trainer to help me on picking the game I am good at.

He agreed to suggest the game I can concentrate on in the days to come. So, he told me to spend a whole week with him & do my day to day activities, I have been practising the athletic event after 2 hours of gym daily in the morning & shall spent another hour in the gym during the evening. My trainer haven’t spent much time with me during my practise hours in ground, instead he spent more time with me in the gym. After a week, I was eager to know about the result & rushed to him, the result or suggestion from him was shocked & I was stunned to hear, he told me to concentrate only on weight lifting & avoid all other sports.

I was surprised to hear that, as weight lifting was not on my list on I haven’t practised during this whole week, with lot of surprises I have asked him, why weight lifting & how come you have suggested to me when I haven’t practised for it during this whole week & during this days. He smiled & told me to wear Men’s mesh underwear during my gym work out so that it will boost my energy & give more comfort.

With lot of surprises & questions in my face I replied okay, let me use mens mesh underwear hear after, but you didn’t answered my question, with a smile on his face. I was closely evaluating your each move & activities during this whole week, your interest & passion was visible during the weight lifting work out. Since, that I am here representing my school, college, state & my nation as a leading weight lifter with lot of titles & medals.