Phenibut is one product you must never remove from your daily dose of supplements. Its health benefits are numerous and anyone that loves his health will never forget to take it regularly.  The cognitive benefits of this product are out of his world and it is formulated to make you a better person mentally.  At times, the product is called a “smart pill” by end users, and this is not surprising considering the fact that it can make you look and act smart when you use it.  Aside from improving your brain function, you can also use Phenibut for anxiety management.  Continue reading to find out more about this outstanding memory-boosting product.

Its background

Phenibut for anxiety is a nootropic product.  It is designed to boost memory but is also generally used by some for relieving anxiety. Additionally, it can enhance your cognitive function and help you to sleep better. If you are having insomnia or any other sleep disorder, you will find this product to be the perfect solution to the problem.

Phenibut is composed of a chemical compound called Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid which was derived from GABA, a popular neurotransmitter found in the brain.  It can also be presented in several other names like Citrocard, Phenybut, Fenibut or Noofen. Its overall effect, aside from improving cognitive function, also involves mood elevation and stress reduction.  Some individuals use it as an anxiolytic agent; that is, for anxiety relief. Some even use it as an antidepressant. Studies have shown that it works perfectly for all the purposes described above.

withdrawal problems

Factors to consider

As described severally above, you can use phenibut for anxiety and several other purposes. However, you can only get the desired result from this product if you use it as prescribed. The product is available over the counter, which is a sign that it is a very safe product for all. Be that as it may, you have a role to play in getting the desired result. First and foremost, always carry your doctor along when using the product. In fact, your doctor must be aware before you start using it. Furthermore, never exceed the prescribed dose. If you do, you may come down with unwanted side effects.

Besides, carrying your doctor along ensures that Phenibut withdrawal issues will not cause you a lot of problems. The ability of the product to boost the mood can cause withdrawal problems and you may find this difficult to manage if you have not informed your doctor before you start using it. Once you notice the signs of withdrawal, never hesitate to get in touch with your doctor for professional help. The withdrawal issue can come up when you want to stop using the product and the professional medical practitioner can direct you on how to manage this problem.


As mentioned above, always carry your doctor along before you start using this product, irrespective of its being a natural product. The doctor can recommend the right dosage for you based on your individual need. The dosage ranges from 250 to 1000 mg per day for different categories of end users.