Nature is not always well done! It has provided the majority of us wisdom teeth without always providing the necessary space for them to evolve normally. In which cases should they be extracted? How is the operation? All the answers with today.It happens that the teeth of wisdom carry badly their name and stubborn to want to point their nose whereas no place is envisaged for them. For better teeth, consult with dental crown Hawthorne CA.

Why are they problematic?

In some cases, these wisdom teeth remain included, that is to say, quietly in the bone without manifesting themselves … But it happens that they get infected or point their nose with a crash causing damage on other teeth. This is especially true for the wisdom teeth of the mandible, that is, the lower arch. Extraction can then be considered, either as a preventive measure or when a problem arises.

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In case of cavities

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Because of their atypical morphology, the treatment of caries occurring on wisdom teeth can cause problems. With the greater risk of recurrence, the option of extraction can be retained.

As a preventive

The extraction of wisdom teeth as a preventive measure is the subject of debate. Some experts recall that there is no evidence that this surgery prevents orthodontic recurrence or the appearance of late incisor disorders. On the other hand, regular monitoring of the evolution of wisdom teeth is recommended.

The operation of wisdom teeth

Every dental surgeon is theoretically empowered to extract a wisdom tooth. But in practice, you will be referred most often to a specialist in oral surgery. This is indeed an act that can be tricky.

Generally, this operation requires premedication: antibiotic for 6 days from the intervention, a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug will also reduce edema. Extraction can take place under local or regional anesthesia. There are very few indications of intervention under general anesthesia, which implies hospitalization. Given the risks associated with this act, general anesthesia must be truly exceptional.

In addition to these wounds of war, know that you can boast of being a species in danger of extinction. Today, the absence of wisdom teeth is more and more common. Not because our dear children are more and more turbulent, but our diet has changed and two molars are enough …