There is a wide range of Viking wedding jewelry pieces that can be found online for both men and women. You also get wedding tiaras, when you don’t wish to look like a formal bride at a formal wedding. The hairstyle can give you an elegant, medieval and unique look, and you can complete this look with a Viking tiara. A simple model with twisting bands or more complex models such as those including zoomorphic and religious symbols, will perfectly fit a Viking wedding theme. You can also choose other accessories featuring the same symbolism or complementary pattern, such as viking wedding rings and in both cases you will definitely have a Viking bride’s look.

viking wedding rings

Wedding bands and rings

These are amongst the wedding’s central elements you can also choose your wedding bands to be statement pieces of art. On the Viking bands you can also engrave your partners name or you can encrypt your wows in symbols. You can also combine text messages with the Viking symbols or you can just feature the classic Viking patterns that is- zoomorphic, vegetal or geometric. You can use wide materials for crafting your wedding bands, such as ivory, metal, stone or wood. It is all up to your partner. The neck rings were most essential pieces for the Vikings. They often had at both the ends the head of a snake or a wolf and different models have been discovered in burial sites and twisting shapes on their length. The pendant of Vikings includes an extensive range of models and they were made of god’s images or symbols which protected them from evil spirits like Wheels of the Sun which is the symbol of prosperity, wealth and success. Moon swastika denotes the female symbol for goddesses. Frigg is the symbol for god’s mother, Odin’s wife, awakens the intuition and brings love and peace in families or it can be Frey that denotes fertility’s goddess, it is said that enhanced sensuality and attraction. These pieces were not often encountered in the Viking outfits as archeologists explain that in early ages, they did not wear earrings at all.