While many laser tag toys require players to wear a vest, none of the following does because the blaster is also the target. This is great for spontaneous play and instant satisfaction, though some of the guns are much smaller targets by comparison. Laser tag is one of the most fun games you can play together as a family. It gets you out and about, running around and fosters great team spirit all while having a laugh. You have to find which legacy toys laser tag guns are the best to play at home.

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

The number of tags:

A great family fun pack of 4 laser tag guns, complete with a cool carrier case, the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set is a brilliant game for all ages. In this game, you don’t need to wear a vest because the blaster itself is the target. You also can’t keep track of the number of tags you have left so keep your eye out for the sign to reload while you play. All of these laser tag toys are battery powered and light enough for most children to play with. Some smaller children may have a little bit of trouble reloading by tapping the blaster but will have a great time with the lights, sounds and vibrations in the legacy toys laser tag guns


Set some rules before you play to decide who is on which team and where your play area is. Pick a space that contains things to hide behind such as trees in the garden in order to make the game even more fun. Reloading your blaster is very easy; all you need to do is tap the butt of the blaster and wait for the sound that tells you that you are ready to go. Every time your blaster is hit, the red light on top will flash however you can’t keep track of your successful hits. You can switch between 4 blasters with different damages, ranges and reload times to make your games more exciting. As team sizes are unlimited, the more blasters you have the more you can play.