Recently, Instagram Search has grown in the tremendous level among all other social networking sites. Some latest studies have shown that nearly 300 million of people joined in this platform within recent five years. As this is the image based platform, most of the people have their account for uploading and sharing their photos towards their friends and followers. Apart from the normal users, some business people have also used this Instagram to promote their brands.  Of course, it comes in the form of app and anyone can simply get the access through the desktop, tablet and even in the mobile phones. In order to enhance the experience of the user, the team of Instagram offers some updates. In that way, MulPix is a search tool that is recently launched by the team for the users.

Features of Mulpix

In order to find one photo or any other things, the user needs to type the exact hashtags and user names. But, the arrival of the mulpix search engine can help the users to search through the variety of the hashtags. With the help of this tool, one can able to search and find the things using the single hashtag. You can attain so many features by using this search engine for Instagram and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Using this mulpix, you can search for the mentions, captions and the tags that you require.
  • As the search engine comes with the filters, it can allow you to find the captions about the places, food, coffee and more things.
  • This Mulpix has the feature of categorizing the pictures by location and therefore, it gives easy mode of search.
  • This tool is especially useful for the researchers and journalists. This is because that it provides the right chance of upgrading themselves in the easiest way.
  • It also plays the crucial role in advertising the work of the artists and photographers among the viewers throughout the world.

Apart from these features, you can also attain some other interesting facilities when you have used this interesting platform.