There are a plethora of sports around the world, and each individual will have their favorite sporting activity. In fact, in the US alone, they’re blessed with a broad range of sports where they can turn to such as Baseball, American Football, Ice Hockey, Golf, and Basketball, just to name a few.

But you might wonder where does football fit in the equation? When World Football season comes into the sports scene, thousands of people will be gluing their eyes into every bit of action played by the teams. Hence, football does deserve every bit of love (and perhaps even more) than any other sport. Here are three reasons as to why some consider it as the best sport in the world.

Different Countries Have It

Whether you take a look at Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Oceania, or Australia, you’ll see a bunch of players trying to kick a ball around a field trying to score points on the opposing team’s goal. These countries, and perhaps even more, knows and plays football to a tee. It’s not even that difficult to set up, and you don’t even need to have expensive equipment to do it. Some of the younger enthusiasts might even play football by drawing a goal on a wall while trying to kick a ball into it. It’s this passion for the game that many admire it as one of the best, if not THE BEST sport in the world.


The Massive Celebrations

Whenever any particular club wins the World Football, there’s bound to be whole sections of streets blocked off by roaring fans as their favorite team just acquired the coveted trophy. Fans of football will always celebrate every victory with their teams, no matter how small the match may seem. Football enthusiasts might even celebrate in a grandiose manner if their team gets out of relegation. You don’t even have to pay for field-side seats just to get into all the action.

South America’s Copa America

Copa America is South America’s most prestigious competition, and it’s also the world’s oldest national football team competition. Aside from the World Football, Copa America is also one of the world’s sporting events wherein many people will tune into, whether live or through a television screen. Back in 2007, reports indicate that the event accumulated a television audience of about 530 million people in the Latin American regions alone.

Aside from these reasons, you can’t deny that World Football is also an Olympic event. Some individuals would even like to wetten or to bet on their favorite teams just to get some money out of being a fan.