There are many different kinds of antivirus available in the market depending on the use it will be deployed for. There are various kinds of antivirus depending on the type of virus you want to prevent your computer from. For example, there are general computer viruses, worms; Trojan horses and other malicious software that may infect your computer disrupt the normal functioning of the computer.

One of the best available antivirus programs for PC

Bitdefender has the additional capability of activating it in the autopilot mode, that is, if there occurs any kind of malicious software or it detects any suspicious activities, then it automatically comes into action without taking the commands from the user. In this way it can protect the computer from a potential damage when the user is unable to determine the malicious activity of the virus.

antivirus protectionBitdefender has the capability to automatically configure its settings within the computer so that it becomes hassle free at the user’s end to use the antivirus software. You can completely trust the usefulness of this anti virus programs for pc as it works effectively in the detection and removal of the malicious content. The autopilot mode prevents the viruses from entering into the computer even in online mode. This means that the software maintains its standard even in real time environment where the antivirus is made to encounter every kind of problem thrown into it on the spot. And it has the ability of removing the virus at that very point of time. In this era of huge ransom ware frauds, it is very essential for you to protect your computer from all these kind of ransom ware attacks which will leave you bankrupt. This software work in the background keeping a check on all the activities you are carrying out on the internet. If the server responds in a suspicious way, then the software immediately responds in all possible ways. It helps in preventing malicious third party interference and cut the virus right there before infecting.  The different feature this antivirus software provides is quite appreciable.